The healing power of sound has been understood and offered by our ancestors the world over.  Journey into a deep place of relaxation and peace with the gong and sacred sound baths Rachel offers.  The gong takes you into the Theta brain wave state- the place of ultimate relaxation, where the whirring of the mind ceases and deep peace and healing ensues.

Rachel will hold you on this healing journey.  The gong, along with sacred song and other healing instruments will bathe you in their healing…come and enjoy!

Charges and training:

  • £49 per hour one-to-one session.  The cost will increase for sessions with more than one person.

* Please note if you are on a low income, costs can be made more accessible – please discuss this with Rachel.

Rachel has worked with and trained in healing for over 20 years, studying with NFSH healers; training with The Healing Foundation; Reiki; Mexihca Pactli, Path of Pollen, eight years with Northern Drum Shamanic Healing training, and College of Sound Healing with Gong Master Sheila Whittaker.