In our culture, the importance of rites-of-passage is being re-membered.  It is a vital part of being a conscious human to mark the main points of transition in our lives- to have them honoured, validated and witnessed by ourselves, life and those we love and hold dear, in order to truly release the old and embrace the new.

As a Celebrant, I will guide us in creating unique ceremonies together to truly honour you and your loved one’s wishes and to reflect your beliefs and values.

Celebrancy for Ceremonies offered:

  • Weddings and hand fastings
  • Naming and baptism ceremonies for children and adults
  • Funerals
  • Seperation/Divorce ritual
  • Rites of Passage into adulthood
  • Life Transitions- marking moving into new phase of life- parenthood, menopause, relationships, work, home, health

Together, we will weave a beautiful, meaningful ceremony for you and your loved one’s.  All ceremonies, including weddings and hand fastings can include music, dance and performance, consciously working with nature and the elements, transforming and letting go of old phases of life and and embracing the new…..

The ceremonies can be held in our beautiful private sanctuary The Living Well Centre in Cornwall, or a place you choose.  If you choose The Living Centre, the well garden with it’s ancient sacred well dating back to 800AD, working with the holy water for blessing is the perfect place for your Ceremony. The well is situated in a pretty garden full of medicinal herbs and a lawn with fire pit for performance and ceremonies.  Guests will also be able to use our amazing roundhouse, The Hobbit House and Longhouse for small receptions. There is accommodation in our beautiful natural roundhouses and also a woodland for camping and other activities.


Each Ceremony is unique and costed accordingly.  Please email me with your requirements.