I live in one of the most beauty-filled places imaginable, Penwith, Cornwall, the Holy Headland, an ancient place of Sacred Pilgrimage. This is my life, one of pilgrimage, and the biggest journey of all, to know myself, to live in truth, exploring its light and shadows. This is the adventure that excites me, to traverse the mountains and valleys of my soul and take the learning back into life, for this precious Earth and all its sons and daughters.

I choose to be a power-full, beauty-full woman, following the path of living-in-beauty, guided by the map of ancient, nature-based medicine wheel teachings, the learning of which, I share with others, re-membering that we are Sacred Humans, here as Guardians to our Mother Earth, uncovering the fundamentals of what it is to be a Human, to live in balance and with respect towards ourselves, each other and this beautiful Planet.

I am in love with life and choose to live it to the full!…enjoying life’s wondrous gifts, warm fires, wild swimming all year round, running in the storms on the Cornish cliffs, dancing the full expression of who I am, singing my soul free, immersing myself in the deep peace of yoga, meditation and merging with the rhythm of the natural world- listening to its wisdom, receiving its love, never ending support, Beauty and Power.  Of course, as a human I struggle, I fall apart, I cry, I grieve, I get stuck, confused and endeavor to laugh at the craziness of it all.  The medicine wheel teachings support me through these times- they are the map that helps keep me on track.

I look forward to hearing from you as to how we can work together using Healing, Massage, Healing Retreats, Gong and sacred sound healing, healing pilgrimage, and Ceremony to re-connect body, mind, emotions and spirit to their original state of harmony.

What I do:

I offer life-affirming teachings, guidance, shamanic healing, transformative massage, Shamanic Ceremony, celebrancy for rites-of-passage, healing retreats and ceremonial healing pilgrimages to nearby ancient sacred sites

How I work:

I work with life force energy: the power and energy that imbues life in all things. I invite you to connect with, experience and enjoy this birth-right, to come alive to your Beauty and Power.

The ancient nature-based wisdom of the Medicine Wheel informs my work and the teachings I share. I am a practioner who offers the learnings, gifts, guidance and teachings i have gained from the rich experiences of my life to you.

Each healing experience is unique, and we will journey together to discover what you need at this time – on first contact, we will talk through your needs, deciding on the best course of action: receiving a healing, massage, retreat or ceremony, and finally receiving wisdom on ways forward to take back into your daily life.

My training:

I have worked with and trained in healing for over 20 years, studying with NFSH healers; training with The Healing Foundation; Reiki; Mexihca Pactli, Path of Pollen and eight years with Northern Drum Shamanic Healing training and Sheila Whittaker Gong Master.  I am a Registered BSY Massage Practitioner.

My life journey:

I have spent my life seeking out adventures to grow from:  I have Vision Quested up Welsh mountains in sub zero temperatures, embraced natural childbirth as a rite-of-passage, rode the challenges of single parenthood and I am a mother of “enthusiastic” teenagers.  I have delivered a life-enhancing healing programme for people with cancer and their carers; offered numerous celebrations for the local community involving the life-affirming joy of creativity- music, dance, song, feasting, fire, storytelling, sharing and heart connection. I have been working with loving, conscious divorce and am now entering the spiritual path of living in conscious loving relationship.  I midwifed my mother through her journey into death in a conscious, soul affirming, beauty filled experience.  I experienced very near brushes with death-a life-threatening accident as a teenager and my mothers miraculous healing from cancer.  These experiences set me, from the age of 19, on the path of healing, and I have been training and living this healing path ever since.

I sought to offer healing through communication, and had a successful career as a documentary film-maker, but felt called to move back to Cornwall where I had lived as a child, to live in loving relationship with the Land, and to share this with others.

My love of nature, truth and the power within humans to heal, led me to Shamanism- the ancient nature based teachings, which I have been learning from for 10 years.

Fifteen years ago, I co-birthed The Living Well Centre in Cornwall to become a healing sanctuary for humans and nature, out of a wasteland of open farmland, which was the site of an ancient iron-age roundhouse settlement and neglected holy well. Through planting thousands of trees, an orchard, woodland, building roundhouses and sacred spaces and creating ponds, we have transformed the land into a magical sanctuary for wildlife, and the Wild Life we humans are craving.

I am currently in the process of co-birthing a conscious medicine community at The Living Well Centre, living with the nature-based teachings of the Earth’s wisdom. The land is teaching us what it is to be a conscious guardian to the gifts it shares. We work alongside and in respect of the beings and energies of the land.

I am entering the magical world of menopause, and after a long path, am learning to stand in my power, as Woman and all that this means…