Our healing retreats, held at The Living Well Centre are created to meet your needs – to journey with the wisdom and power of nature, and the unique power of this special place in Cornwall, to uncover the well-spring that is your health, happiness and well being. We will hold, nurture and nourish you, and provide you with the space to reconnect to nature – your own and mother nature.

The healing retreats include personal guidance and support throughout.  We offer shamanic healing; healing massage sessions, supported healing pilgrimages to nearby special sacred sites, personal transformational ceremonies, time in nature and retreat time nestled in the cosy Healing Heart cabin or our lovely shepherds hut.

What to expect:

We offer 3 day retreats, usually from Tuesday to Thursday, with the opportunity to extend your stay before the start or after it ends.

The first day-Tuesday offers:

Arrival is 4pm on Tuesday.  You will be welcomed with a cosy, earth-hug and cup of tea made with healing herbs from the land. You will have time to put your roots down into your new home, enjoying the space, the peace, the land.

A delicious feast awaits you for dinner, nourishing your body and soul, followed by an initial session to check in with where you’ve come from, where you’re at now and where you’re feeling drawn to go to, and the setting of your intention for the healing retreat…we will end with a sacred sound and gong bath to support you to unwind and dream deeply

Wednesday offers:

  • Morning practice and check-in
  • Shamanic Healing session
  • Healing ceremonial walking pilgrimage to local sacred sites
  • Reflection period for dreaming and healing
  • Delicious home cooked-with-love-and-health meals
  • Evening massage before bed

Thursday offers:

  • Morning practice
  • Sacred water ceremony at our holy well
  • Gorgeous lunch
  • End of retreat summary and guidance to take the gems gleaned from your healing retreat into your daily life
  • Home time 4pm

There is possibility to stay for longer, before or after your retreat.

Your Healing Retreat includes:

  • Personal guidance and support throughout
  • Healing Massage sessions
  • Shamanic Healing sessions
  • Channelled guidance on life direction
  • Healing ceremonial pilgrimage to nearby special sacred sites
  • Personal transformational ceremony
  • Ancient medicine teachings to integrate into your life
  • Guided meditation and journeying sessions in nature
  • Sacred sound and gong bath
  • Sacred water, holy well ceremony
  • Peaceful time in nature held by this private sanctuary with ancient healing holy well, woodland and nature oasis
  • Delicious home cooked with love meals to meet your dietary requirements

Our Living Well Centre Healing Sanctuary is based in the ancient and magical land of West Cornwall- surrounded by stunning beaches, ancient holy sites and numerous walks.

The Sanctuary’s beauty-filled sacred land has its own ancient holy well in the meditation garden- a quiet space for you to connect to your own inner peace.

There is a woodland and hidden spaces amongst the woodland glades to discover, along with an orchard, vegetable and flower gardens.


£450 for everything, including healings, guidance, ceremony, delicious meals and lovely accommodation.

If you would prefer to self-cater and use the basic kitchen facilities, the cost of the retreat will be reduced.

Email: rachel@healinghart.org